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Friday, 30 September 2011

Rising Up on Eagle's Wings

This post is part of the my photo essay on the London Tree Trunk tour. To see all of the other parts of the tour, click to go to the Overview Page.

On the east side of Maitland St, about 20 metres south of Queens Ave, is the tree trunk carving entitled "Rising Up on Eagle's Wings". The carving is located at the side of a house owned by Mission Services London. According to their Vision Statement Mission Services opens doors of hope to those seeking emergency shelter and support, by offering safe shelter, food, and clothing and by facilitating rehabilitation as needed, in an atmosphere of compassion.

The trunk is topped by an imposing looking eagle, painted in a medium brown tone.

The eagle has boldly carved wings, and the imperfections of the wood are apparent around the left side of the face and the beak. It looks like  quite an accomplishment to keep the carving together.
The face has excellent detail and the yellow paint on the beak stood out strongly in the light of the setting sun. If, in fact, the design reflects a partnership with Mission Services, the theme of being carried upward through strength and hope, is conveyed well here. The design is bold and uncluttered.
From a thematic point of view, 'Rising Up on Eagle's Wings' is a very simple piece, especially in direct comparison to some of the other sculptures on the tour. A single eagle on top, and a massive wing curling around each side. Its singular focus is more than compensated for by the incredible amount of detail work in the 2 wings.     
Take a look below at a closeup of the literally thousands of grooves cut in order to bring out the texture in each individual feather. 
Twenty to thirty grooves per feather.

The piece is signed and dated 2006, inside a stylized feather. Robbin Wenzoski was the artist.

The carved elements of this trunk have stood up very well to the element so far. The varnish an sealer has left the eagle looking great. The tree, as pictured on the Tree Trunk Tour website has all the excess bark left on. The carving, as it now stands, has bark only at the very top.

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