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Get started with my pictures and thoughts on the London Tree Trunk Tour here.

The Tree Trunk Tour is going to be on Hamilton Road, and I'm blogging its creation here.

Overview : The London Tree Trunk Tour

London's Woodfield neighborhood is the primary area to see the sixteen Tree Trunk Tour sites. Tourism London has a map denoting the location of all the tree art created in the partnership.

All 16 sculptures on the original London Tree Trunk tour, listed by title of the piece, and location. Note: please check this post for details on trees to be removed from the tour. Those carvings are listed in red below.

CCH Crusader, 450 Dundas St, NE corner at Colborne St.
Charles Smith Hyman 246 Hyman St, between Richmond St. and Wellington St.
Come Together and Grow 711 Colborne St. at Piccadilly St.
Convergence 518 Queens Ave. at Peter St.
Donohue's Canadiana King St, East of Waterloo St.
Eldon House 696 Wellington Rd. S, London Tourism Visitor's Centre
Full Circle Group "Moosehead" 834 Van St., East of Rectory St.
Mother Nature 696 Wellington Rd. S, London Tourism Visitor's Centre
Pearson Panther  795 Trafalgar St., near the S end of Rectory St.
Rising Up on Eagle's Wings. Maitland St, South of Queens Ave.
Shining Brightly, Dundas St and Colborne St. SE corner.
Springbank 462 Springbank Dr, 1/2 km east of Wonderland Rd
Squirreltopia!, 799 Waterloo St, North of Oxford St.
Western Fair Story Tree, Dundas St., E of Ontario St., in Queens Park 
Woodfield 1840-2007 581 William St, near Central Av.
The Learning Tree Queens Av., East of Colborne St.

Or look at all the entries in a different way on the London Art Map 

The Tree Trunk Tour is expanding! Check out the progress of the Hamilton Road tree trunks at -