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Sunday, 2 October 2011

CCH Crusader

The CCH Crusader carving is located at the corner of Dundas St. and Colborne St. in downtown London. It is located on the southwest corner of the Catholic Central High School property, directly in front of the school's billboard. CCH is the oldest secondary school in the Thames Valley Catholic School Board system.

The school mascot is, obviously, the Crusader.

The Crusader carved in the trunk kneels atop a stump on one knee. He has his sword at his side, and his left hand is holding up his shield in front of him, fingers curled over the edge. He has a stoic expression on his face, looking striaght into the distance. The crusader has been painted white, grey, brown and tan, highlighting his flowing robe, helmet and shield.

Directly below and in front of the crusader is the school crest of CCH, The school motto, 'Virtus et Scienta' translates as 'Virtue and Kowledge'. CCH belongs to the Catholic board and promotes learning with an element of the christian faith in the curriculum. The crest is done in high relief, ribbons curling around nicely behind it. The lower half of the piece is protected by clear lacquer, and the different colours and cracks in the wood are easy to see.

The rest of the bottom of the trunk is carved with symbols of the different curriculum and activities at the school. There is a tragedy theatre mask in one section, as well as an artists brush, and comedy mask in another.

With the widely varying colours and condition of the trunk on this carving, I can imagine the problems posed by finding a rotten or severely cracked section in the middle of roughing out the scultpure. With the trunk stuck in its location, I'm sure improvising is sometimes required.

Symbols for the athletic programs at CCH run down the left side. Football and track being sports that the school has excelled in before.

At the very bottom of this section is the artist's signature (inset). The sculpture was carved by Robbin Wenzoski who was using a logo that spelled out RaW art at the time. The date is 2008.

So, what incredible vista, what inspiring horizon does our noble Crusader stare out at day after day? Over what lands does he watch to protect his home from the wild and dangerous foe?

A bunch of apartment buildings. Hey, its the middle of downtown, not the Arabian Desert!

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