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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Come Together and Grow

Located at the corner of Colborne St. and Piccadilly St. is the trunk carving 'Come Together and Grow' it stands in front of the Colborne St. United Church, just slightly north of the front facade. The carving is just out of the right hand edge of the church picture on their website.

The title is carved into the middle of the trunk, bordered by a naturally flowing frame. There is a sealing coat over the carved areas of the tree, bu no paint colours.

Directly below the title frame is a three part image of hands clasping. Teh toop 2 hands are reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo. The 'hand of God' on the trunk is reversed top to bottom from the original however. The second pair appear to be joined in friendship. The third pair is clasped together, as sometimes picture in prayer. The rich colour variations in the wood show well, but the hands are a little awkwardly formed.

The other theme in the piece besides hands, is hearts. Just above the title plaque is a heart, it produces 2 lines of hearts that wrap around the sculpture and flow skyward. The hearts are all a little different, and produce a nice effect in drawing the eyes upward. This closeup (as always, click to enlarge) shows the natural grain of the wood, as well as the texture created by the finishing tools on the surface.

The hearts criss-cross and then flow upward. Since the top of the trunk has been fully worked away, the hearts are less obviously a tree trunk sculpture. They stand out in silhouette in the early morning light, and might convey the idea of love flowing out into the world.

Directly in front of the hearts crossing at the top of the trunk is this torch.

Its is the most intricately carved part of the trunk, and looks like it is in perfect condition despite having a few winters under its belt. I would assume it represents the church's slogan, which is
"Uniting in Lighting the Way"

The trunk is signed, and dated 2008. This, is Robbin Wenzoski's signature, using the Raw Art logo he adopted. This trunk is one with very few condition issues, and it appears that the sealing against weather and parasites has worked well.

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