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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Located at 462 Springbank Drive, east of Wonderland Rd, and west of Kernohan Parkway, is 'Springbank', another of the 15 stops on Tourism London's Tree Trunk Tour. It is located off the corner of the parking lot of the Springbank Garden Center.  Though it is not a large or overly ambitious sculpture, it is notable for being the extreme westernmost carving on the Tree Trunk Tour.

If you were planning on seeing all of the completed carvings in 2011, this one would be best done first or last, depending on your direction of approach. It is perhaps an eight or ten minute drive from its nearest companion tree, on Queens Av, so not a walking tour distance.

The tree fits with the garden theme of the business behind it. It has a large daisy on the top front surface. In the middle of the front is a massive sunflower. There is a really natural texture and flow to the petals here.

The sunflower has large detailed leaves coming off of its stem as well. This was a true chainsaw carving and a lot of the tool marks are still in evidence.

At the top of the tree are a clump of tulips, which are rougher than some of the other detailed pieces you can see around the rest of the tour, but they are not add-on pieces. There is no join of any kind, as they were a part of the original trunk here. This is a much more impressive feature when this is taken into account.

The signature confirms that this is another Robbin Wenzoski creation. Looks like he had some extra time for the signature on this one, with a very stylized logo, and a 2009 date as well. The tree trunk is in good condition, which is not all that remarkable, as it was completed less than 3 years ago.

I often finish an entry off at this point, but I have a little something extra with this carving. Click here for a bonus gallery of the creation of 'Springbank'.

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