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Springbank - Special Features

Yes, the photo above is available thanks to Mike Harris at Tourism London. It is quite possibly the first photo ever taken of the completed 'Springbank' trunk, April 4th, 2009. As always, click for the full sized pic.

We have a few more photos taken just prior to completion. Here, Robbin Wenzoski is working on chainsawing away some details near the base of the tulips.

And, of course once in a while, you've got to clear the sawdust away. Not where I use my leaf blower, but I'll keep it in mind. Quite the scaffolding setup to give himself room to work.

This angle give us a really good view of all teh protective equipment a chainsaw carver should use to keep himself in one piece. Note the ear protection and leather chaps.

Well, that's my little bonus coverage of 'Springbank'. Just a little peek at the carving coming to life.

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