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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Shining Brightly

 On the south side of Dundas St, half a block East of Colborne is Shining Brightly, a trunk carving made in partnership with St. Leonard's Community Services, it stands on the north side of the building housing their headquarters. The title of the sculpture reads prominently down the front.

At the rear, we find the three brush strokes of the St Leonard's logo inside the protection of 2 elongated hands. The colours on the logo are still very bright, and appear to represent the three types of services offered by St. Leonard's. It appears that the dedication year is carved below.

Down near the bottom of the sculpture, there is an open hand perhaps to symbolize the willingness to accept help. St. Leonard's deals with people in the criminal justice system, and those at risk for being involved with it.

At the very top of the trunk is a large hand holding a sphere with an Ankh etched into it. Both the sphere an the Ankh are symbols of life and the unbroken nature of the universe.

At the top corner is a book, or perhaps a window, opened to reveal an eight pointed star. If anyone knows the specific symbolism, please let me know. From pictures on the Tourism London website, there was an eye standing in front  of the book, but at some time it either broke off or fell off.

Overall, the carving has held up well. The lacquer that was used has prevented the grain from fading and the body of the piece from breaking down. The limitations of the medium show in the hand, and on the book as well, as grain cracking and missing elements are par for the course when it comes to carving something as unyielding as a tree trunk in a fixed location.

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