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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sad Times on the (Shorter) Tree Trunk Tour

It is with a bit of sorrow that I write this post. After seeing this article in the London Free Press, I was able to confirm that several of the carvings have been designated for removal, as they have been deemed unsafe. The following carvings are either already gone, or will be removed soon, according to Tourism London.

On the subject of the expected life of a carving, Dave Broostad of, who have commissioned new trees, had his opinion printed in the paper.

Shining Brightly 
Rising Up On Eagle Wings
Convergence @ 23 Peter St.
Woodfield 1840-2007  (already removed)               
Come Together and Grow
Squirreltopia @ 799 Waterloo St.

There are no plans to re-install these carvings, in contradiction to the LFP article linked above.
I will be updating my Tree Trunk Tour Map, and the Overview Page shortly to reflect this unfortunate loss to the city's landscape.

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