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The Tree Trunk Tour is going to be on Hamilton Road, and I'm blogging its creation here.

Bonus : Eldon House Installation

Through the generosity of Mike Harris at Tourism London, I have been provided with some unique photographs. The Eldon House carving was delivered to the Visitor's Centre, and carved on site, let me share a little of that with you!
Special deilvery.
The truck is hoisting the rough cut trunk, the eventual destination is the post on the concrete pad at the right side of the above picture.

 Now we have a city employees creating the post hole in the middle of the bottom of the trunk.
The tree is almost in position here. This is actually the second time the tree is being placed on he pole. I have other photos that show the hole being too shallow or too small to fit properly , and the trunk being laid down a second time. Nothing is ever as simple as it looks.
The next shot shows the scaffolding going up around the roughly sawn tree. I found it interesting that the locations for each plaque were already sized and placed.
Grinding it out.
End of a productive day.
Pictured above left is Neil Cox, shaping one of the top flowers. Above and right, is Neil again, this time without his stylish hard hat and ear protection. Finer work needs a smaller chainsaw, and the one Neil is holding looks quite small.

After just one day, there is a lot of progress made on this piece already. Hope you enjoyed this extra peek at what goes into making a trunk into a work of art!

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