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Read about the whole point of "Looking Around London" at this link here.

Get started with my pictures and thoughts on the London Tree Trunk Tour here.

The Tree Trunk Tour is going to be on Hamilton Road, and I'm blogging its creation here.

London's All Inclusive Art Map

This Map includes all sites currently featured on Looking Around London. The legend is at the bottom.

View London Art Inclusive in a larger map

Click on a peg to learn more about that particular location.
Green pegs are current London Tree Trunk Tour Sites. There is and Overview page available to learn more about them. 
Green stickpins are carved trunks not on the official tour.
Red pegs are sites where a Tree Trunk Tour carving has been removed or is scheduled to be removed in the near future.
Turquoise pegs are trees in the Metal Trees of the Carolinian Forest installation in the downtown core. There is a Thumbnail Gallery and an Overview page for this project as well.

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